He’s Still There

How do you feel when life gets rough?  Fearful?  Frustrated?  You may even feel forsaken.  Tough moments in life can make you feel alone, like no one cares or understands.  If the peril lasts too long, you may even think God has abandoned you.

On the contrary, I hear God saying, “Don’t let your hearts be troubled” (John 14:1, NLT).  We have an assurance, embedded in Deuteronomy 30:8: God will never abandon us!  He isn’t a fair-weather friend who’s only around for the joyous moments.  He’s there all the time – thick and thin, ups and downs.  When life gets rough, He draws closer to us!

You may feel like the character in the poem footprints.  You think that God has forgotten about you because you only see one set of footprints as you walk through difficulty.  This email is a reminder – when you only see one set of footprints, it’s because God is carrying you through the storm.  He’s still there, even when you can’t trace Him!

Thought to Consider:
When you can’t see God in your “hot spot,” remember He’s with you, regulating the thermostat!