Dealing with Dream Killers

Let’s talk for a moment about dream killers.  You may know them more affectionately as “haters.”  These people are first to tell you that what you’ve heard from God will not come true.  They can be aggravating, discouraging, insensitive, and worst of all, your family and friends.  Such was the case with Joseph.

So, how do you deal with dream killers?  Like Joseph, you really can’t get mad at them.  Their comments were less personal and more perceptual.  To their credit, his brothers had never seen anything close to Joseph’s dream, and they didn’t have the revelation that he had.  From their perspective, Joseph’s dreams really couldn’t happen.  They were simply doing the best they could with what they had.

That’s my advice for you.  Whenever you confront dream killers, don’t get mad.  Just remember –they’re doing the best they can with what they have.  Keep believing God, for His word shall be fulfilled in due time.

Thought to Consider:
Don’t let dream killers kill your dream.