On Trial

I wrote this email while waiting patiently to fulfill my civic responsibility – jury duty.  While waiting, I couldn’t help pondering how it would feel to be on trial.  How would it feel to put my fate in the hands of other people, who only have facts and evidence to evaluate my character?

In Psalm 26, David requests a trial by God.  Can you imagine that?  He is the great judge, who knows everything.  In spite of this, David, without legal representation, speaks with confidence.  He’s confident because he has acted with integrity and trusted in the Lord without wavering (see Psalm 26:1).

So, how would you fare if you were on trial with God?  Could you plead your case as confidently as David?  If so, I commend you.  If not, I encourage you to prioritize letting your light shine.  Then, you, too, can receive God’s vote of confidence.

Thought to Consider:
Would God call me a person after His own heart?