Always Be Thankful

I saw the Bible verse included with this email on the digital sign at a church.  This verse would be easier to digest if it said, “Be thankful during good circumstances.”  This verse, however, is not situation-specific; we should be thankful all the time.

Does all the time include bad circumstances?  Does it mean we should be thankful when our finances are shaky, job prospects are slim, and family and friends are fickle?  Yes.  How?  When we face challenging situations, we must remember that God allowed them.  And, He doesn’t allow anything that we won’t manage successfully!

During this holiday season, let’s strive to be good examples of this verse.  You may not be exactly where you thought you would at this point in 2012, but, if God is on your side, you can always  be thankful.

Thought to Consider:
Are you always thankful?