Exchange It

Have you ever received something that didn’t meet your expectations?  Maybe it was a gift from a loved one, an outfit that looked better in the store than on you, or a device that seemed too good to be true.  Aren’t these disappointing experiences more manageable when you can exchange the item?  It’s a joy to know you can exchange something you don’t like for something you do.

What if the same thing was true in other areas of our life.  Can you exchange pain, anxiety, and other unwelcome emotions for love, joy, and peace?  Absolutely, and Paul gives the terms of the exchange in Philippians 4:6-7.  Through prayer, we can exchange life’s worst for God’s best!

Now, that’s a pretty sweet deal!  Want to try it?  If you have “weight” that you need to unload, turn it over to God.  He’ll exchange it for His peace and comfort.

Thought to Consider:
What do you need to exchange for God’s peace and comfort?