Unsung Hero

Mark 5:27 notes that the woman with the issue of blood came to Jesus after she heard about Him.  When I read that, I thought, “Who told the woman about Jesus?”  To speak to this woman required a great sacrifice.  At this time, anyone who went around a woman who was bleeding risked becoming ceremonially unclean, and consequently, unable to worship and fellowship with family and friends.  In spite of the inherent risks, a messenger told the woman about Jesus.

Ironically, the messenger’s name is not mentioned.  He or she remains anonymous.  That also made me think.  How often do we fail to recognize those who help us?  All of us are the beneficiaries of someone else’s advice, listening ear, support, or resources.  Although we reap benefits from others, we seldom pause to acknowledge the impact they have on us.

The woman with the issue of blood did not thank the messenger who directed her to Jesus (at least not in Mark 5).  I hope you’ll choose otherwise.  Make time to thank the unsung hero who has helped you along the way.  Your thankfulness can work wonders!

Thought to Consider:
Who’s your unsung hero?  Have you thanked him or her lately?