The Clean Slate

Have you ever drawn a conclusion about someone you had only heard about?  Ananias did.  When God told him to do something for Saul, he refused because of what he had heard about him.  If God hadn’t overruled his objection, Ananias probably would not have met Saul, who eventually became Paul, one of the greatest Apostles.

Sometimes we judge people inaccurately because of their reputation.  We hold them hostage to their past and even believe they cannot change.  Consequently, we miss opportunities to develop meaningful relationships with people who may be awesome or have insight that can help us.

When I’m tempted to judge someone too quickly, I try to give him or her a clean slate.  That’s how God treats me.  Daily, He gives me a fresh opportunity that’s detached from my past!  I encourage you to do the same thing.  Give people a clean slate.  You never know – the person you’re hesitant to connect with may be on the path to greatness.

Thought to Consider:
Do you give people a clean slate?