A little patience can work wonders

I decided to shop a little just before Christmas last year.  While shopping, I saw a pair of jeans I really wanted, and they were on sale for 50% off the retail price!  I wanted them bad, but something inside said, “Wait.”  As bad as I didn’t want to, I listened, and the next week, the same jeans were on sale for 75% off the retail price.  I got a better deal simply because I waited patiently!

I wish Abraham and Sarah could have read this recharge because their impatience was disastrous.  They were excited about GOD’S promise of a son, but as time passed, they lost faith in HIS ability to perform the miracle.  In her haste, Sarah suggested a seemingly grand idea, “Abraham, sleep with my servant.  Maybe that’s how GOD wants us to have the child.”  Without thinking, Abraham did it, and this resulted in a conflict he’d never forget.  Impatience was the spark that set the conflict wildfire ablaze.

This recharge is dedicated to those whose patience is on trial.  GOD has promised you some things, and you’re anxious for the promises to happen.  GOD’S word for you is very simple – “Don’t worry (be anxious) about anything; instead, pray about everything.  Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.  Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand” (Philippians 4:6-7, New Living Translation).

“A handful of patience is worth more than a bushel of brains” (Dutch Proverb).

Use what you have

My friend Jamie and I had a grand idea the summer of 1995; we’d cure our boredom by starting a lawn care service.  We didn’t have business degrees (we were only 16 years old), payroll administration experience, or knowledge of labor laws.  All we had was an idea, a computer, and two lawn mowers, but this was just enough to get started.  We used the computer to make fliers, and we went door-to-door promoting our services.  Before long, the calls poured in.  We simply used what we had, and it worked.

The widow in this text also learned to use what she had.  She was over her head in debt, and she desperately needed a way out.  She asked Elisha for help, and he said, “Use what you have” (see 2 Kings 4:4).  And that’s exactly what she did; she took a seemingly worthless pot of oil and poured her way out of debt.  It’s amazing what happens when we use what we have!

This recharge is for someone with great ideas, but you’re stalling because you don’t have all the resources you desire.  GOD’S word to you is, “Use what you have.”  HE can work wonders with the little you have; just ask the boy who had the 2 fish and 5 loaves!

Use what you have.  It can make a difference!

A few people can do great things

I’ve shared this story before, but again, it’s a fitting introduction to this recharge.  On February 1, 1960, four men changed the world – Ezell A. Blair Jr. (now known as Jibreel Khazan), David Richmond, Joseph McNeil, and Franklin McCain.  These African-American men became impatient with injustice and segregation, and they sat in at the whites-only Woolworth’s lunch counter in Greensboro, NC.  Their actions sparked sit-ins nationwide and ultimately increased participation in the American Civil Rights Movement.  These four men made a huge difference!

In a world of global business ventures and mega-churches, it’s good to know that a few can still make a difference.  That’s JESUS’ point in the text cited above.  After concluding a message on sin and forgiveness, JESUS gave the disciples a bonus lesson.  In so many words HE said, “I’m not always in the crowd; sometimes I hang out with the handfuls.”  Whenever a faithful, unified few are assembled, HE promised to be in their midst, and in HIS presence, they could do amazing things!  JESUS proved that a few people could do great things in GOD’S presence during HIS tenure on earth – HE took 12 men and turned the world upside down.

This recharge is specifically dedicated to leaders who have great ideas, but you only have a few people who see the vision.  Don’t wait for the crowd to initiate your mission; go with what you have.  GOD can use those few to do great things!

A few people can do great things.  Try it!

A little faith can go a long way

I watched the men’s 100 meters final (2008 Olympics) last Saturday, and the race was something to behold.  The winner – Usain Bolt – ran 100 meters in 9.69 seconds; that’s approximately 23 miles per hour!  Even more impressive than his time, however, is that only 0.22 seconds separated first and third place.  0.22 seconds is a small difference, but it was just enough to give one man a world record and another third best.

Small things can have tremendous impact, and that’s JESUS’ point in the text cited above.  JESUS taught the disciples that a little faith can go a long way.  HE illustrated this point by mentioning a mustard seed.  A mustard seed is tiny, but it has the potential to develop into a tree 10 feet tall.  Faith is no different; a little faith can make anything possible!

This recharge is dedicated to those who have backed away from your GOD-given assignments and dreams; you’ve concluded that the task is beyond your capabilities.  Stop focusing on the how, and start focusing on the what.  What you need is a little faith; just believe that HE can accomplish what HE’S shown you!

A little faith can go a long way.  Try it!