Use what you have

My friend Jamie and I had a grand idea the summer of 1995; we’d cure our boredom by starting a lawn care service.  We didn’t have business degrees (we were only 16 years old), payroll administration experience, or knowledge of labor laws.  All we had was an idea, a computer, and two lawn mowers, but this was just enough to get started.  We used the computer to make fliers, and we went door-to-door promoting our services.  Before long, the calls poured in.  We simply used what we had, and it worked.

The widow in this text also learned to use what she had.  She was over her head in debt, and she desperately needed a way out.  She asked Elisha for help, and he said, “Use what you have” (see 2 Kings 4:4).  And that’s exactly what she did; she took a seemingly worthless pot of oil and poured her way out of debt.  It’s amazing what happens when we use what we have!

This recharge is for someone with great ideas, but you’re stalling because you don’t have all the resources you desire.  GOD’S word to you is, “Use what you have.”  HE can work wonders with the little you have; just ask the boy who had the 2 fish and 5 loaves!

Use what you have.  It can make a difference!