The WORD is our light in darkness

Several years ago, I had one of the scariest experiences I can recall.  My friend Dave and I were driving back from Virginia, when all of a sudden, a severe storm decided to hang out, seemingly directly above the interstate.  It rained so hard that we couldn’t see, and making it back to North Carolina seemed unlikely.  But as we poked along, I noticed a truck (18-wheeler), which ended up being a blessing in disguise.  The lights on the truck helped me stay in my lane and drive safely through the storm.

Isn’t it a joy to know that the WORD can help us stay in our lane?  That’s the psalmist’s testimony in today’s key verse.  He called the WORD a lamp to guide his feet and a light for his path.  That is, when he’s lost, the WORD shows him the way.  And when he has questions beyond his understanding, the WORD gives clarity that settles his spirit.  Wow, what a WORD!

When life’s dark clouds find you, don’t take shelter under the umbrella of your understanding.  Instead, turn to the WORD.  It’s the only light that will never go out: The grass withers and the flowers fade, but the word of our God stands forever (Isaiah 40:8, New Living Translation).

Have a blessed weekend!

The WORD is our restraining order

Have you ever had to restrain yourself?  Have you ever had to handcuff your will or wrestle your desires into submission?  Maybe you were on a diet and suddenly developed a taste for your favorite dessert.  Or maybe someone got on your last nerve, and you wanted to say what really crossed your mind.  Every now and then you have to restrain yourself, lest you commit a disastrous mistake.

The writer of today’s key verse found an awesome restraint method.  Notice that he didn’t list will-power, winning (positive) thoughts, or worldly wisdom as the source of his restraint.  His restraint order, the thing that kept him from trouble, was the WORD.  I don’t know about you, but I can relate.  I’ve had numerous occasions to explode, but GOD’S WORD resurfaced in the nick of time.  Wow, what a WORD!

When life tugs at the “other” you, recall the WORD.  The same WORD that created light in darkness, accomplishes GOD’S purposes, and resurrects dead situations can quench your ungodly appetites.  Put your restraining order in action!

Be blessed …

Use IT!

Remember homework?  I’ll have to admit, homework wasn’t my favorite after school activity.  Last night, however, I rediscovered the purpose of homework.  Homework wasn’t given to get on your nerves.  Instead, homework was given to help you master the concepts and skills needed to succeed.  More importantly, homework makes test-taking easier.

Interestingly, Ezekiel learned the power of GOD’S WORD through a homework assignment.  In a vision, GOD assigned him a strange task – preach to some dead bones.  Imagine Ezekiel’s initial response, “LORD, are you serious?  This is the silliest assignment I’ve ever received.”  But it took a dead situation to teach Ezekiel the life-imparting power of GOD’S WORD.  When Ezekiel spoke the WORD to the bones,  “… they all came to life and stood up on their feet …” (Ezekiel 37:10, New Living Translation).

Just like Ezekiel, maybe your trials are GOD’S way of showing you the power in HIS WORD.  Instead of complaining, start confessing the WORD over your dead situation.  Use it, and watch things come back to life!

The same WORD that gave light gives life.

IT’S a guarantee!

In 1997, I rediscovered my love for professional wrestling, and yes, I know it’s fake. 🙂  One wrestler really grabbed my attention: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.  As his nickname implies, he wasn’t the conventional charismatic wrestler; he was a no nonsense wrestler with an electrifying finishing move.  I was particularly intrigued by his concluding statement for each interview, “That’s the bottom line because Stone Cold said so!”  In other words, the things stated were bound to happen because he said so.

If GOD was a professional wrestler, I think Austin’s statement would be HIS mantra.  One word included in the verse above qualifies GOD as the premier promise giver – will.  Used in this context, will implies certainty or inevitability; the things stated must happen.  Plainly stated, GOD said, “My WORD is a guarantee.  Whatever I say must happen!”

I don’t know about you, but this verse inspires me to read the WORD with a new assurance.  Instead of going through the motions, I’m inspired to read the WORD like a book of promises.  No wonder JESUS said, “It is easier for heaven and earth to disappear than for the smallest point of God’s law to be overturned” (Luke 16:17, New Living Translation).

What a WORD!  If HE said it, that settles it.  It must happen!


Have you ever heard something so moving, so inspirational, that you had to say wow?  That’s what I said after listening to a CD of speeches given by the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  As I listened, I marveled at his eloquence, empathy, and excitement about a brighter future.  The more I listened, the more I felt an irresistible urge to join the movement.  I was like, “Wow!  I see why so many people followed Dr. King’s directives!”

I also said wow when I read the verses cited above.  Though I wasn’t there to witness it, I’ll GOD’S voice was something to behold.  Think about it: the earth was a dark, flooded, and muddy mess.  All of the sudden, GOD stepped out of eternity and said, “Let there be light.”  Without delay, the dark curtains parted and let light occupy the stage.  Wow, what a WORD!

The same WORD that worked a miracle (light) in a mess can work wonders in your life.  I implore you to take some scriptures and talk to whatever mess you’re in.  Let the WORD wow you!

“Does not my word burn like fire?” says the Lord.  “Is it not like a mighty hammer that smashes a rock to pieces?” (Jeremiah 23:29, New Living Translation).