The WORD is our restraining order

Have you ever had to restrain yourself?  Have you ever had to handcuff your will or wrestle your desires into submission?  Maybe you were on a diet and suddenly developed a taste for your favorite dessert.  Or maybe someone got on your last nerve, and you wanted to say what really crossed your mind.  Every now and then you have to restrain yourself, lest you commit a disastrous mistake.

The writer of today’s key verse found an awesome restraint method.  Notice that he didn’t list will-power, winning (positive) thoughts, or worldly wisdom as the source of his restraint.  His restraint order, the thing that kept him from trouble, was the WORD.  I don’t know about you, but I can relate.  I’ve had numerous occasions to explode, but GOD’S WORD resurfaced in the nick of time.  Wow, what a WORD!

When life tugs at the “other” you, recall the WORD.  The same WORD that created light in darkness, accomplishes GOD’S purposes, and resurrects dead situations can quench your ungodly appetites.  Put your restraining order in action!

Be blessed …