Say “Amen”

When God promises to bless us, we must be on guard for things that hinder our ability to receive.  One of the things we must monitor closely is our mouth.  Our words can cancel, delay, and even redirect our blessings.

Just consider the king of Israel’s officer.  Elisha told him that God was about to reverse their economic hardship.  The feat seemed so unlikely that he said it couldn’t happen.  Because of his words, he couldn’t enjoy the blessing he longingly desired.

If given the chance to talk to the officer, i would tell him what I’m about to tell you.  Instead of canceling your blessing with words that reflect disbelief, just say “Amen,” which means “it is so.”  This word will give God permission to give you the mind-blowing blessings He’s already prepared for you.

Thought to Consider:
When in doubt, just say “Amen!”

Get Ready for Extra

Although the economy may hinder some businesses, one remains unblemished – God’s!  He’s still in the blessing business.

While we may realize this, we often struggle to process how awesome God’s blessings are.  He is not just the God of enough.  He is the God of extra.  No wonder Paul wrote, “Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think” (Ephesians 3:20, NLT).

What kind of people does God bless like this?  If we consider Solomon, we can answer this question.  First, He’s not looking for perfect people, for Solomon, like all of us, made his share of mistakes.  He prioritizes people who are persistent.  Solomon’s life is the product of the persistence of David and Bathsheba.  Finally, He blesses people who pray and ask Him for things only He can do.  Solomon asked for wisdom, which James confirms, comes from God (see James 1:5).

This email is just a reminder – God provides overwhelming blessings!  If you’re praying for Him to move, get ready for extra, above and beyond what you asked Him for!  If you haven’t asked for anything lately, then what are you waiting for?  Ask, and watch God provide a mind-blowing blessing for you.

Thought to Consider: God always gives overwhelming blessings!