Share the good news

I called my god-daughter earlier this week, and she was literally bouncing off the walls.  She discovered she didn’t have school on Friday and had already planned “our” day.  During our conversation, I asked if she knew why she was out of school on Friday.  Shockingly, she had no idea that JESUS is the “reason for the season.”

This recharge is a reminder of why we celebrate Easter, the most epic event of the year!  In the text cited above, Mary Magdalene and friends made the greatest discovery in history.  Their findings surpass fire, the wheel, the car, the Internet, cell phones, and any other ingenious creation.  They discovered the empty tomb – our admission ticket to eternal life and favor with GOD!

While you’re chatting with family and friends this week, spread the good news about JESUS.  The Gospel is a timeless message that will NEVER lose its power.

Share the TRUTH in love …