You’re NEVER alone

When I was young, my mom used to drive my dad to the bus stop in the morning.  The bus stop was a short distance from our residence, so she’d often let me sleep while she left.  One morning I woke up, and I discovered I was alone.  Immediately, I ran to the door, only to discover my mom’s car driving off in the distance.  I was devastated and immediately burst into tears; I felt forsaken.

Have you ever felt alone?  Has the weight of your problems convinced you that no one cares?  If so, then you’re in good company; JESUS also felt abandoned.  In this text HE’S overwhelmed and literally has the weight of the world on HIS shoulders.  In this critical moment, JESUS weathered an onslaught of storms – critical constituents, fickle friends, pious priests, and thankless thieves.  When all seemed hopeless, JESUS exclaimed, “Why have you abandoned me?”

Believe it or not, GOD never forsakes us.  Just when we think we’re in the fire alone, GOD is with us, regulating the thermostat.  His promise is eternal and true – HE will not forsake you.  Just remember HIS immortal words, “No, I will not abandon you as orphans-I will come to you” (John 14:18, New Living Translation).

Walk boldly, holding HIS hand … (Psalm 23:4)