Selflessness is the way

Have you seen the movie Simon Birch?  If not, I definitely recommend it; Rolling Stone awarded the movie 3.5 out of 4 stars!  The climax of the movie is incredible.  Simon – the object of ridicule because of his short stature – risks his life to save a busload of children sinking into a frozen pond.  Later, Simon dies.  In an unselfish act, Simon died that others might live.

JESUS also put HIS life on the line for others.  The text cited above captures a gruesome scene: people tempted JESUS to act selfish and save HIMSELF.  Maybe they didn’t realize how tempting this choice was.  Prior to this scene, HE had been beaten, crucified, falsely accused, and rejected by the people HE came to help.  Yet, HE didn’t move.  What a beautiful expression of selflessness!

This recharge is a reminder that selflessness is the way.  Rather than pondering what you can gain from opportunities, pour out your life for others.  Those who serve will be honored later (see Matthew 23:11).

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