HE never stopped … Listening

I devote a lot of my free time to my god-daughter.  When we’re together, we usually talk about school, friends, clothes, GOD, whatever comes to her mind.  Sometimes, while she’s talking, I’ll answer my phone or comment on something I saw.  Immediately, she stops talking because she thinks I’ve stopped listening.  Usually, however, I’ll recite what she said to assure her that I hadn’t stopped listening.

I’m sure the woman in this text felt like my god-daughter, and possibly, someone reading this email.  She came to JESUS with an extremely urgent request – deliverance for her daughter – and HE took HIS time responding.  As a matter of fact, initially, HE didn’t say a word to her.  Have you ever been there – pouring your heart out to GOD only to hear silence on the other end?  At these critical junctions in life, we feel as if our prayers have hit the ceiling, but this text assures us that JESUS always listens.  Once HE beheld the woman’s faith, demonstrated through her persistence, HE answered her prayer.

When GOD doesn’t answer immediately, sometimes we lose heart; we feel like HE’S not listening.  The truth is HE hears us and will answer according to HIS purpose for our lives.  So keep praying, keep trusting, knowing that GOD hasn’t turned a deaf ear toward you.

JESUS still listens.  Are you still talking to HIM?