Your blessing is on the way

Trials have a way of getting the best of us.  It seems like the longer the trial, the easier it is to lose hope.  Interestingly, however, miracles show up just when we think they’ve been canceled.  That’s why we can’t give up in the middle, or near the end, of our struggles.  Though we can’t see it, our blessing is around the corner.

Today’s recharge features a man who has healed in hopelessness.  He sat by a pool of healing water for 38 years envisioning his deliverance.  Imagine the anguish he experienced each year, as he watched people receive what he believed GOD for.  I’m sure he wanted to quit waiting.  But what he didn’t see was the work on the other side of the struggle.  Behind the black curtain of doubt, his miracle was on stage.  JESUS was on the way to deliver him.  When JESUS found him, HE gave the man more than he bargained for – healing and wholeness.  Truly, the wait was worth it!

Just like the man in this passage, your blessing is on the way.  You’ve waited patiently on GOD, and now HE’S about to work in your favor.  You’ve held on this long, so why quit now.  Hang in there, and watch GOD do it!