Sometimes the long road to success is a blessing in disguise. Maybe GOD’S positioning you for permanent – not premature – success.

Last year – 7.27.07 to be exact – I had a speaking engagement. Needless to say, I was pumped, eager for the hour to approach.  Yet strangely, I couldn’t leave work on time that day.  Person after person, situation upon situation … it seemed like everything was hindering my progress.

The delay didn’t make sense until later that evening.  When I arrived home, I saw news footage of a terrible accident on I-40 earlier that day.  If I had left work when I wanted to, I could have been a casualty.  In His unique way, GOD was sparing my life.  Likewise, He had the children of Israel’s best interest in mind; He sent them through the wilderness to keep them from backsliding.

GOD is SO GOOD!  He puts hills and valleys in our lives to keep us on the straight and narrow path.  I guess I’m saying: APPRECIATE THE DELAYS IN YOUR LIFE.  They build character that will lead to permanent success.

Be blessed …