Trials are our spiritual X-ray. They reveal what’s really inside.

I waited 15 minutes in on-looker delayed, stop-and-go traffic on I-40 this morning; just imagine the “pleasant” thoughts I had.  My impatience and borderline fits of rage quickly drowned the soothing, sweet melodies of Israel and New Breed (“Deeper Level” CD, tracks 1-5, to be exact).  The entire time, I yearned for a half-mile stretch where I could floor the accelerator.  If you had heard the things I said to myself, you’d probably question my allegiance to GOD. 🙂

Trials – life’s tough spots – have a way of exposing the “true” you. That’s what happened to the children of Israel – they reached a rough spot in route to the Promised Land.  They were deprived of water but full of Egypt (worldly mentality).  Prior to this incident, many of the Israelites had reason to “stick their chests out.”  The trial, however, revealed a striking reality: they still had work to do.

GOD allows some testing moments to show us what’s really inside.  I pray that your spiritual X-ray returns favorably.

Be blessed …