We all have a storied past, full of foolish, selfish mistakes. Think about the punishment you didn’t get, and celebrate GOD’S amazing grace and mercy.

The year 2007 could be nicknamed “The Year of Mistakes.”  Countless celebrities and national “heroes” made terrible mistakes.  Perhaps you remember Don Imus’ “nappy-headed hoes” or Michael Vick’s dog-fighting scandal. Maybe you recall the steroid scandals in Olympic/professional sports or Isaiah Thomas’ harassment allegations.  Many people made mistakes I’m sure they now regret!

While the reports offered were troubling, I was more shocked by the crucifying comments people offered.  Truthfully, we’re all guilty of mistakes; no one has room to judge.  What if you received the punishment you REALLY deserved for your mistakes?

I read the verses included above, and immediately, I had to thank GOD for sparing me.  I’ve made some irrational decisions in my life, that apart from HIS mercy, I wouldn’t be alive to write you today.  When you think about what GOD could have done in response to your errors, it softens the scrutiny with which we view other people.  Long story short … if you’ve received mercy, be the first to give it.

Be blessed …