The redemption clock is ticking, even faster than you think. Live as if HE’S returning the next second.

I’m an avid Carolina fan; since 1982 (when I was 2.5 years old), I’ve pledged allegiance to the Tar Heels.  One memory left a lasting impression in my mind.  Remember the 2005 away game against Duke?  We had the ball with 19 seconds left, trailing 71-70.  It looked like a sure win, but the play collapsed, and Carolina never attempted a shot.  I guess the players thought they had more time than they really did.

Many people live as if they have more time than they do.  We plan for the future as if tomorrow is guaranteed.  Today’s recharge is a gentle reminder that the eternal time clock is ticking, and JESUS will return soon.  Make sure you’re ready when HE calls a timeout on your life.

Be blessed …