JESUS is our spiritual tour guide. If you follow HIS lead, then your destiny will be sweet!

I’m biased, but navigation systems are arguably the best technological advancement (especially for the “find-it-yourself” driver).  These accessories make driving simple.  You enter the destination, and somehow, the program leaves your current location, travels to the destination, and returns with step-by-step directions.  WOW!  Even better, some navigation systems come equipped with voice command. Just listen, and the voice prompts will guide you to the destination!

JESUS is our spiritual navigation system.  As the angel guided and Israelites to the promised land, so JESUS directs us to heaven.  And there’s good news.  If you venture off course, JESUS, like a good navigation system, will meet you where you are, and direct you from there.  What an awesome GOD HE is!

Be blessed …