Crises reveal your true friends.

This isn’t grammatically correct, but an old saying notes, “Ain’t it funny how tables turn?”  If you don’t believe it, then ask Michael Vick.  He was an adored celebrity, often esteemed as the savior of the Atlanta Falcons franchise.  When the dog-fighting allegations arose, however, the admiration and allegiance quickly turned into condemning attitudes.  People were so supportive of Vick during his prime, but not during his peril.  It’s funny, as a “criminal” he can’t find comfort, while a celebrity, he could.

Such a thing occurred to JESUS in the today’s text.  As HE neared the most excruciating trial of HIS life, HE longed for the support of friends.  To HIS surprise, HE found them sleeping.  In HIS moment of crisis, JESUS discovered that HIS only true friend was GOD.

Don’t assess your friends when all is well; rather, look for those who help you when all seems hopeless.  As John Churton Collins once wrote, “In prosperity our friends know us; in adversity we know our friends.”

Be blessed …