GOD will give provision for the vision.

I’m biased, but “Akeelah and the Bee” has to be one of the most inspirational movies ever.  Most people remember her tenacity or the infamous quote on the wall, but I’m moved by a different scene from the movie.  Akeelah had mustered the courage to pursue the national spelling bee title, only to discover that her coach (Laurence Fishburn) would suspend his services.  She was broken, and in her despair, she wondered who would help her.  Shortly thereafter, Akeelah realized she had an entire neighborhood full of coaches.  And, she didn’t have to find them; they found her!

Many of us are like Akeelah – we worry about who will fund or support our GOD-given dreams.  Moses, however, gives us an encouraging perspective – GOD will give provision for the vision.  After GOD commanded Moses to make the Tent of Meeting and the garments for the high priests – assignments probably outside of Moses’ jurisdiction – he sent help, people gifted to complete the assignment.  All Moses had to do was lead, his true gift.

GOD’s requirement for us is the same as Moses’ – do what HE asks you to do, and let HIM fill in the gaps.  Always remember, HE’S able to supply our every need!

Be blessed …