GOD deserves at least one of the 7 days HE provides.

If you have children – or any connection to children – then this example will be relevant.  Imagine this: you’ve had the longest day ever at work.  You don’t feel like cooking, so you stop by McDonald’s and purchase a six-piece chicken nuggets happy meal for your child. As the child eats the food, you develop a “taste” for some nuggets. You ask the child for one, then s/he looks at you and says, “No, they’re mine!”  Now, consider the numerous responses you could offer – “No you didn’t!” … “After I spent my hard-earned money, this is the thanks I get.” 🙂

Each day, GOD gives billions of people time – the most precious gift ever.  But sometimes, we’re like the child in the example above; we act as if we made the day.  Truthfully, everything we have, GOD gave it to us (thanks Uncle Darrish!).  So, make sure you give HIM the portion of the week HE requires.

Have a blessed day!