Give cheerfully, especially to the work of GOD.

A few weeks ago, I received a letter requesting financial assistance. After justifying several reasons not to give, I quickly threw the letter in the trash.  No sooner than I had discarded the letter, the LORD spoke, saying, “You can give.”  Convicted – caught red handed. HIS words hit my heart like a stack of bricks; I knew HE was right.

Many of us are guilty of the same crime.  We have plenty of opportunities to give – whether it’s money, time, or a testimony – yet we convince ourselves otherwise.  That’s what’s so amazing about the Israelites in this recharge.  Moses relayed GOD’S commandment to give, and they responded incredibly.  They didn’t reach around the dollars and select the coins; instead, they gave GOD the best they had!

When you realize the SOURCE of your abundance, it’s easy to give (remember the recharge from 2.26?).  And, the good news is, GOD will give back; HE’S selfless, not selfish. 🙂  Trust me: the words of an old song still remain true … “You can’t beat GOD’S giving, no matter how hard you try.”