GOD provides BEFORE we can panic

A good friend shared an inspiring story about his trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway.  He and his wife ran into traffic while returning, and they exited to determine a detour.  They removed some luggage – including their laptop computer – to access their map.  They departed after finalizing the route, and mistakenly left the laptop computer on the side of the road.

They arrived home and had no idea they’d left the laptop.  Thankfully, a “bizarre” voice message assuaged any anxiety that may have ignited.  The voice message was from the person who found the laptop computer.  Isn’t that amazing?  Before my friend could panic, the answer was already there!

The story blew my mind, because it reminded me that GOD provides before we can panic.  Today’s recharge confirms this observation.  GOD sent this message through Moses BEFORE the Israelites encountered any resistance.  What an awesome GOD we serve!

If you’re tempted to panic, remember the way has been made.  By faith, believe GOD will see you through!

Take the first step, even if you can’t see the staircase. GOD won’t let you fall … (thanks Carrie!)