GOD is the best inheritance

Last month, I attended “Sensational Savings,” a workshop my financial advisor conducted for my employees.  During this session, he mentioned a recent investment with incredible interest rates.  Even better, he opened the account with his grandson in mind.  If all goes as anticipated, his grandson will receive a comfortable inheritance.

The Levites – GOD’S chosen servants – also had an inheritance, but it probably wasn’t what they expected.  The other Israelites received land and the spoils of their enemies, but the LORD declared HE would be the Levites’ inheritance.  What an eye-opening, faith-developing inheritance!  In other words, GOD promised to supply all of their needs!

Money and tangible inheritances are good, but GOD surpasses them all.  GOD is the best inheritance, for HE has EVERYTHING we need.  No wonder the Soul Stirrers sang, “All that I need is in JESUS.  He satisfies; joy HE’LL supply.”

Be blessed …