A little can go a LONG way

Dennis Rodman is a legendary, NBA power forward and celebrated member of Detroit’s “Bad Boys” (1988-1990).  Throughout his lengthy career, Rodman appeared in two All-Star games and received the NBA Defensive Player of the Year award twice.  Most people, however, remember Dennis Rodman for one thing – rebounding.  While it’s such a small part of basketball, Rodman’s rebounding helped 2 teams win 5 NBA Championships.

Small things have great impact, and that’s the message JESUS reinforces in today’s recharge.  The disciples thought feeding the massive crowd (5,000 men, not including women/children) was a daunting, resource intensive task, but JESUS proved otherwise.  HE took a little boy’s lunch – two fish and five loaves of bread – and miraculously fed the crowd.  Notice Luke’s excitement about this miracle: “They all ate as much as they wanted, and afterward, the disciples picked up twelve baskets of leftovers!”  It’s amazing how far a little can go if it’s in GOD’S hands.

When you consider serving GOD, don’t think about parting seas or praying fire down from heaven.  Instead, think small, for a little can go a long way in GOD’S hands.  You’d be surprised how much impact a little advice, encouragement, generosity, integrity, or love can have if GOD uses it.

Use your gift with the GIVER in mind …