Remember where you came from

Josh Hamilton is a current outfielder for Major League Baseball’s Texas Rangers.  When his career commenced, Hamilton was a celebrated prospect; he was the first pick in the 1999 draft and received a record-setting $3.96 million signing bonus.  Injuries sidelined him early in his career, and during this time (2001-2005), he developed a life-threatening drug addiction.  By GOD’S power, Hamilton defeated his addiction in 2006!  In the wake of his deliverance, Hamilton said, “Whether I hit two bombs or strike out three times, like I did in a game against the Pirates, I never forget that I’m living with an addiction.”

Remembering your deliverance is a great thing, at least that’s what GOD suggests through Moses is today’s recharge.  GOD encouraged the Israelites to remember the awful agony of Egypt as motivation to keep HIS commandments.  The perils of your past are a great incentive to keep your hand in GOD’S.

Today’s recharge is a reminder that we should never forget where we’ve come from.  And, if you remember your deliverance, it will be easy to praise GOD as well.  Live for GOD today, with the past in mind.

Be blessed …