Know your limits

Yet another experience remains fresh in my memory;  I remember it like it happened yesterday.  It was the day my dad delivered the words I dreaded hearing.  At the end of 10th grade, he told me he couldn’t help me with my Math homework any longer.  :)Simultaneously, I was anxious and devastated: how could my “secret weapon” leave at such a pivotal point in my life?  In retrospect, I realize he wasn’t abandoning me; instead, my dad knew his limits.

Today, most people strive to be “jacks-of-all-trades,” which unfortunately means master of none.  We often welcome opportunities that lie outside our gifts and talents to build our resume.  But Moses offers quite a different – and refreshing – perspective in the text cited above.  Moses understood his limits.  He realized that further leadership would jeopardize the Israelites, for it was not GOD’S will.

The intent of this recharge is to dissuade you from “biting off more than you can chew.”  That extra job, assignment, commitment, etc. might be the last straw that breaks you.  Know your limits, and be faithful over the few gifts GOD has provided.

Be blessed …