Denial is dangerous

My sophomore year in college included a life-changing experience.  One of the campus ministries had organized an evangelistic endeavor, and the leaders asked me to share my testimony.  Their plea was so persuasive, “It’s easy.  Just talk about what HE’S done for you!”  Instead of being persuaded, I panicked; I couldn’t stop considering what others would think of me.  Regrettably, I declined the offer and quickly proceeded the other way.

What I deemed a tactful deferral was really a terrible decision.  By suppressing my testimony, I had unwittingly invited CHRIST to return the favor.  That’s the message JESUS shares in the text included above – if we deny HIM, HE will deny us.  Denial is a seed you don’t want to reap!

Life presents many opportunities to deny our Christian allegiance – hanging out with friends, break room conversations at work, praying over your food in public, etc.  Don’t let Satan convince you to deny CHRIST, for the results can be disastrous.

Walk faithfully, unashamed of the GOSPEL …