Choose your leaders prayerfully

I have a knack for “retro-mercials,” or advertisements from TV’s golden age.  Who can forget Wendy’s famous “Where’s the beef?” or the snap, crackle, and pop of Kellog’s Rice Krispies?  I especially enjoyed JIF peanut butter commercials.  Their slogan was, “Choosy moms choose JIF.”  The commercial implied that caring mothers purchased quality products for their families.

The Israelites had a lot in common with JIF moms!  The text highlights their concern about leadership: they followed Joshua largely because he possessed the spirit of wisdom.  They observed how GOD’S presence blessed Moses, and they trusted HIM to do the same through Joshua.  No wonder the writer added, “So the people of Israel obeyed him, doing just as the LORD had commanded Moses.”  What an inspiring group of people the Israelites were!

As we approach the presidential election, let’s follow the Israelites example and choose prayerfully.  Affordable health care, lower gas prices, and more employment opportunities may excite us momentarily, but we need leaders who are also concerned about our spiritual well-being.  When you exercise your right to vote, choose someone who knows the GOD you serve.  Remember, “everything rises and falls on leadership” (John C. Maxwell).

Be blessed …