Your greatest fear is GOD’S greatest opportunity

There’s one day I’ll never forget as long as I live – the day my dad came to the rescue.  We stopped to visit my grandmother one night, and Lex, my cousin’s dog, was on the porch.  Lex was a large, black Labrador retriever, and he (and any other dog) absolutely terrified me.  As we approached the house, Lex ran to me, stood on his hind legs (playing, of course), and started barking; I thought I my life was over. 🙂  At the peak of my fear, however, my dad spoke, and Lex relaxed.  My greatest fear became my dad’s greatest opportunity to prove his keep.

Did you know that your greatest fears are GOD’S greatest opportunities?  This observation permeates Exodus 3-4, the context which contains today’s recharge.  GOD commanded Moses to rescue HIS people from Egypt, and the assignment scared Moses.  Returning to Egypt meant confronting his past mistakes (he murdered someone), and the assignment highlighted his deficiency (he couldn’t speak well.)  In the midst of Moses’ panic, GOD provided a soothing revelation: “I will be with you.”

It’s difficult to grasp, but GOD works best in the pit – not the peak – of our potential.  No wonder HE told Paul, “My power works best in weakness” (2 Corinthians 12:9, New Living Translation).  So when fear grips your mind, lay it to rest.  Remember, GOD didn’t give us a fearful spirit (see 2 Timothy 1:7), rather; HE gave us fear conquering power!

Fight fear with faith …