Go green!

The recent economic crisis, rising energy costs, and resounding environmental consciousness have encouraged people to go green.  People have abandoned SUVs and other energy depleting products for green alternatives – hybrid vehicles, low-flow faucets, Energy Star appliances, fluorescent light bulbs, space heaters, etc.  Their reasoning is logical – green products use energy more efficiently, which means big savings on energy bills!  More money means more options, and certainly, more security and flexibility.  No wonder so many people have gone green!

I think Christians should join the green movement, too.  We waste a lot of energy worrying, and it’s expensive.  Worrying doesn’t resolve the problem, and we can’t redeem the time wasted while worrying.  Thankfully, Paul gives us a great way to redirect the energy we spend worrying.  In sum, Paul says, “Instead of worrying about what’s wrong in your life, rejoice and celebrate what’s right!”  What a healthy, faith-rejuvenating outlet for our energy!

When worry invades your mind, go green!  Pull the plug on your concerns by considering GOD’S wonderful works in your past and present.  Better, remember this – if HE did it before, HE can do it again!

Be energy efficient …