Enjoy TODAY!

Have you seen the movie Napoleon Dynamite?  I’ll give you a brief summary if you haven’t.  Napoleon Dynamite is a bizarre, yet comical film about an underachieving high school student (Napoleon).  Throughout the movie, one member of the supporting cast emerges from the pack: Rico, Napoleon’s uncle.  Rico’s stuck in time – 1982, to be exact – and he can’t move beyond sitting the bench during the high school football championship game.  Rico’s devastated, and he’d rather relive the past than rejoice in the present.

Sometimes, you can miss the forest because of the trees.  You can be so upset about the past, or so uncertain about the future, that you miss the blessings of today.  Being in the moment can ease your tension, and that’s David’s resolution in today’s text.  If anyone could groan about the past (remember Bathsheba?) or dread the future (imagine being a king), it was David.  Yet, his decision resonates in this verse: I will enjoy today!

GOD designs each day with us in mind, so don’t let the past or potential worries steal your blessing.  Consciously decide to have GREAT days, on purpose!  That was Miles Davis’ attitude, whose quote concludes this recharge: “My future starts when I wake up every morning … Every day, I find something creative to do with my life.”

Enjoy TODAY; it’s a gift from GOD!