Worrying is worldly

Anxiety (worrying) is a natural part of life.  If you’ve ever experienced “butterflies” in your stomach or the pre-game “jitters,” then you know what I’m talking about.  Prolonged anxiety, however, is not natural, and left untreated, it can have detrimental effects.  Anxiety has been linked to chest pain, dizziness, muscle tension, nausea, nightmares, and shortness of breath.  Anxiety can make you expire before your time.

The spiritual implications of anxiety are even worse than the health complications.  According to Jesus, the key note speaker in today’s recharge, worrying is worldly (ungodly).  Jesus asserts that unbelievers – people who don’t know HIM or the power of the resurrection – worry excessively.  I don’t know about you, but that’s an incentive for me to lay my worries to rest.

Many things tempt us to worry – gas prices, increased crime, etc. – but don’t let Satan convince you that excessive worrying is normal.  Instead, rest comfortably in JESUS’ statement – “… your heavenly Father already knows all your needs.”  Better, GOD finds joy in meeting our needs (see Luke 12:32, New Living Translation).

Just wait on HIM …