HE’LL help you carry the load.

In April, my staff hosted the Gladiator Challenge, our rendition of the popular TV show “American Gladiators.”  This event is labor-intensive; many volunteers help arrange the activities.  While setting up an event, I noticed one of my employees carrying a hurdle across the field.  She made it about 40 yards before the hurdle became heavy, and she put it down, just shy of the final destination.  To her delight, I offered my assistance, and we carried the hurdle the remainder of the way.

When you’re load gets heavy, it’s good to have some assistance.  Thankfully, JESUS is ready, willing, and able to assist us when our load gets heavy.  The man who co-stars with JESUS in today’s text certainly has this testimony.  He had a serious burden – a demon-possessed son who seemed immune to every intervention.  When all seemed hopeless, however, he carried his son to JESUS.  And as always, JESUS saved the day!  HE healed the man’s son permanently!

This recharge is a reminder that you can give your worries to JESUS, for HE specializes in weight lifting.  No wonder HE announced, “Come unto me, all of you who are weary and carry heaven burdens, and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28, New Living Translation).  Leave your burdens with JESUS, and HE’LL help you carry the load!