It MUST happen!

I love News 14 Carolina (a Time Warner Cable exclusive); for it provides news, traffic, and weather updates all day, in 10 minute segments.  I particularly enjoy the “Business Update” segment, which announces the latest transactions in the corporate sector.  I’ll never forget one episode – the day the news anchor said gas prices would drop below $3.00 per gallon.  I was elated, literally beside myself with excitement, only to watch prices soar closer to $4.00 per gallon the same week.  What a disappointment!

Aren’t you glad GOD’S WORD never fails?  That’s JESUS’ premise in today’s text.  Prior to the verse cited above, the Pharisees were upset because people were praising JESUS, just like David promised (see Psalm 118:26).  The Pharisees obviously misunderstood the certainty of GOD’S WORD, so JESUS issued a gentle reminder.  In our terminology, I think HE said, “You don’t understand.  GOD’S WORD is so powerful that if these people hush, the rocks would start talking.”  In other words, since GOD said it, it MUST happen!

GOD’S WORD is a binding agreement, so it cannot fail.  HIS WORD is so wonderful that JESUS said, “Heaven and earth shall pass away: but my words shall not pass away” (Luke 21:33, New Living Translation).  The WORD is a sure foundation, and it will help you lay your worries to rest.  Why worry if GOD said it? 🙂

Walk in the WORD …