You’re never too busy to help

Last week one of my employees shared her testimony, and I thought you might enjoy it.  Her day started relatively rough – she overslept and only had a few minutes to make it to work on time.  In her haste to get to work, she noticed a homeless man, and her heart flooded with compassion.  Instead of breezing past the man, she stopped and gave him her breakfast.  I was so moved by her compassion, that I gave her my tickets to a benefit cookout the next day!

She inspired the recharge you’re reading today.  We’re never too busy to serve, and that’s the exciting message in today’s text.  JESUS was on HIS way to Jerusalem to complete the defining moments of HIS earthly tenure.  Yet instead of going straight to the cross, HE stopped in Jericho to heal a blind beggar.  In other words, JESUS’ assignment wasn’t so important that HE’D miss an opportunity to serve.

Sacrificial service is a win-win experience.  I guess that’s why Flora Edwards said,  “In helping others, we shall help ourselves, for whatever good we give out completes the circle and comes back to us.”  Take time each day to help others, for you never know how far your kindness will go.

Selflessness is the way …