HE’LL give you something to say

If you’ve never seen seen The Great Debaters, then I recommend it for your inspirational film collection.  One incident emerges from a host of touching scenes – the scene when James Farmer Jr. (played by Denzel Whitaker) gets his big break.  Previously, Farmer Jr., the youngest debater, was an unsung hero; he compiled research while yearning for his moment in the spotlight.  When the moment arrives, the camera zooms in as if he’s about to deliver the next “I Have a Dream” speech.  But, his mouth doesn’t move; Farmer Jr. is unable to find the right words for his rebuttal.

Have you had an experience like that?  If so, you’re in good company, for some experiences can leave you speechless.  Thankfully, GOD never leaves us without words; HE’LL give YOU something to say.  In the text cited above, JESUS sent two of HIS disciples on a bizarre mission – to untie a colt in a nearby area.  But before they could panic about potential questions or theft accusations, JESUS gave them something to say!

While I’m oblivious to your current predicament, I’m confident in GOD’S promise: HE’LL give you something to say.  That’s what JESUS told HIS disciples: “But when you are arrested and stand trial, don’t worry in advance about what to say. Just say what God tells you at that time …” (Mark 13:11, New Living Translation).  So whether you’re arranging debate responses, completing an application for employment, conversing, interviewing, responding to an exam question, sending an email, or writing a “Thank You” note, HE’LL give you something to say.

Just listen to HIS VOICE …