Seize golden opportunities

I attended a professional development conference two weeks ago, and part of the presentation inspired this recharge.  One of the presenters discussed the Gettysburg Address and noted how incredible it really was.  Did you know that Abraham Lincoln wasn’t the keynote speaker when he delivered the speech?  Lincoln gave the speech at the dedication of the Soldiers’ National Cemetery (Gettysburg, PA), and his cameo was an afterthought to Edward Everett, the featured orator.  But Lincoln didn’t groan; instead, he seized the opportunity and made history in less than 5 minutes!

At his best, however, Lincoln is a carbon-copy of the GREAT OPPORTUNIST – JESUS CHRIST!  In today’s text, HE’S at it again, seizing opportunities to help people.  Think about it: JESUS could have waltzed straight to Jerusalem, died for us, and returned to heaven.  But, JESUS didn’t adopt tunnel-vision; instead, HE saw potential for ministry in every interaction/location.

Life is full of opportunities for impact, but it’s up to us to seize them.  So when opportunities knock, open the door.  You never know how many people your golden opportunity will reach.

Carpe diem …