Don’t miss out!

Yesterday I had an unfortunate experience.  I woke up early and excited to vote, only to discover that I had to cast a provisional ballot.  My dad and I have the same name; he voted early, but they marked my ballot absentee.  I was understanding, but disappointed, because I felt like I missed my opportunity to affect political history.

Unlike me, the Samaritans in today’s text refused to miss out!  They heard about JESUS and rushed to meet HIM.  Notice that they didn’t criticize the messenger or find excuses not to go.  Instead, they concluded that JESUS was a commodity they couldn’t live without!

The words of an old James Cleveland song say, “JESUS is the best thing that ever happened to me,” and I concur.  JESUS is the greatest gift I’ve ever received and the CEO of the “Daily Recharge.”  If you haven’t accepted HIM as your SAVIOR, then I implore you to accept HIM today.  Don’t miss your RSVP to HIS party in heaven!

HE’S coming soon …