Make a difference where you are

Stephen Jackson is the starting small forward for the NBA’s Golden State Warriors.  He’s a highly skilled athlete, but most fans remember him from a bench-clearing brawl in Detroit.  Stephen Jackson might have a “thug” persona, but he’s a philanthropist at heart.  He recently built the Stephen Jackson Academy in Port Arthur, TX (his hometown), an area known for criminal activity.  Rather than use his wealth for selfish gain, Jackson made a difference in his community.

I’ll bet the woman in today’s text had no idea why she was still in Samaria.  Think about it – she was an infidel, public disgrace, and undoubtedly and object of gossip; she had more than enough incentives to leave.  But her encounter with JESUS made it all clear – she was there to make a difference.  When she received the Gospel, she didn’t go to Judea or some exotic location to spread the good news.  Instead, she made a difference in her hometown.

A quote I love notes, “GOD has employed s as agents of change in HIS kingdom” (Peter Gomes).  Maybe that’s why you’re still attending the same church, living in the same community, or working the same job.  GOD needs you to make a difference where you are – will you answer the call?

Be a thermostat, not a thermometer …