Stay on the right path!

When I was a child, I learned many lessons about GOD through songs.  One song really shaped my understanding of GOD’S omnipotence.  The words of the song were: “HE’S got the whole world in HIS hands” (remember that?).  That’s amazing – the world we enjoy is GOD’S handiwork.

If GOD’S hands can keep planets in orbit, then just imagine how heavy they’d feel on you.  Trust me – that’s an experience you shouldn’t solicit, and that’s the message in today’s text.  The Israelites made a terrible choice – they wanted a human king rather than the KING of kings.  To prevent future errors, Samuel, GOD’S spokesman in this text, reminded the Israelites of the cost of disobedience.  He said, “If you disobey GOD, then you will incur some consequences.”

A sure way to keep GOD’S corrective hand off you is to stay on the right path.  I hope this recharge inspires a life-long commitment to obeying GOD in all areas of your life.

It pays to obey …