You are what you think

Around 10PM last night, I recalled that I hadn’t secured coverage for the opening shift at the facility I oversee.  Consequently, I had to be at work around 5:45AM, and needless to say, I wasn’t too thrilled about it. 🙂  For awhile I thought about the sleep I sacrificed and the time I could have used to study GOD’S WORD; then, something drastically changed my mood.  GOD rescued me by reminding me of the verse cited above.  Immediately, I changed my thoughts and resolved to enjoy my day (and I have)!

The verse cited above is an excerpt from Solomon’s soliloquy about evil people.  After advising his audience to avoid food offered by evil people, he gives the rationale for his statement.  Solomon said, “You shouldn’t accept food from an evil person because his actions are a product of his thoughts.”  What an epiphany – you are what you think!

Have you conducted a thought inventory lately?  Where is your mind most of the day?  These are excellent questions to consider, for you may produce what you’re thinking.

Be blessed …