Listen to the voice of reason

As the LORD revealed today’s main thought, an episode of “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” came to mind.  It’s the episode when Will (played by Will Smith) got shot during an ATM robbery.  This tragedy scared is cousin Carlton (played by Alfonso Ribeiro) so bad, that he purchased a gun for protection.  In a moving conclusion to the episode, Will dissuades Carlton from senseless violence.  Will was the voice of reason that helped Carlton avoid a terrible mistake.

Isn’t it amazing how GOD always has a ram in the bush?  Just when you’re on the verge of exploding, GOD sends a word to quench your anger.  That’s what happened to David in this text.  He was about to commit a serious crime, but Abigail came to the rescue.  She was the voice of reason that deterred David from a foolish decision.

Life happens, and sometimes it can push you to your wits end.  But don’t let your anger culminate in an action you’ll soon regret.  Listen to the voice of reason; it just may be your escape from temptation.

Be blessed …