What a MAN!

Life Magazine recently released “Remembering Martin Luther King Jr: 40 Years Later.”  It’s an issue devoted to the life and legacy of the American civil rights champion, Martin Luther King Jr.  It would be tedious to fill an entire magazine with moments from most people’s lives, but Dr. King was quite different.  In just 39 years he completed several levels of education, served as Pastor of a church, received the Nobel Peace Prize, delivered incredible speeches, led marches, and was an accomplished family man.  The magazine is so convincing, you can’t help concluding, “What a man!”

Even at his best, Martin Luther King Jr is not worthy to be compared to SUPERMAN himself, JESUS CHRIST.  In today’s text, John reminds us of how awesome JESUS truly is.  Think about it – HE walked on water, turned water into wine, opened blind eyes, unstopped deaf ears, amplified silenced tongues, and most importantly, gave HIS life for us.  But that’s not all HE did!  John said that JESUS did so much on earth, that “the whole world could not contain the books that would be written” to describe all that HE did!

If you reflect on HIS goodness to you and your loved ones, you’d have to concur with John.  No wonder a songwriter observed, “HE’S been so good to me that I just can’t tell it all.”  What a MAN!

Be blessed …