Ask for help

I received a shipment of treadmills a few weeks ago, and initially, the installation process was painful to watch.  The movers (two men) literally wrestled with the first treadmill, depleting their energy and strength in the process.  They tried everything – repositioning the pallet jack, lifting the treadmill, sliding the treadmill, etc. – but to no avail.  Then, they finally gave up and looked at me in despair.  Immediately, I grabbed some steel rods, and showed them an easier way to install the treadmill.

When you’re struggling to complete a task, it makes sense to ask for help.  That’s what Solomon did in today’s text.  Solomon was an accomplished architect, but the final touches on the LORD’S temple lied outside his expertise.  Rather than conducting a Google search on bronze work,  Solomon asked Huram, a skilled bronze-worker, to help.  And help he did (read verses 15-39); he completed all of his assignments with precision and skill.

If you’re assigned a task that falls outside your jurisdiction, then don’t try to be a know-it-all.  Instead, ask for help.  A little assistance can help you focus on the things you’ve been called to do.

Be blessed …