HE’LL change you

ESPN’s Baseball Tonight (from 6.12.2008) featured a segment on Milton Bradley, an outfielder for the Texas Rangers.  He had a “hot-head” reputation and almost relapsed earlier this week.  Ryan Lefebvre, an announcer for the Kansas City Royals, made some bothersome comments about Bradley, and Bradley tried to “discuss” his assertions.  The altercation never happened, and Bradley even apologized for his actions during a press conference.  The Baseball Tonight anchors complimented Bradley’s sincere apology and agreed that he had changed.

Today’s text also features a changed man – Saul of Tarsus (whom we know as Paul).  Prior to this text, Saul was the church’s worst enemy, joyfully arresting anyone who mentioned JESUS.  On his way to Damascus, however, Saul met JESUS, and his life changed forever.  One thing is certain: when GOD steps in, you’ll never be the same!

I’m a witness that GOD can change people; I’m sure you are, too.  Just examine your life, and you’ll agree with Tremaine Hawkins: “A wonderful change has come over me!”

Stay changed …